The Association


  • Providing information for the public about ombudsman and complaint handling schemes, including a directory of ombudsmen and complaint handling bodies on the website and responses by the Secretary of the Association to written and e-mail enquiries
  • Acting as a focal point for ombudsman schemes, complaint handling bodies and other members of the Association to seek and exchange information
  • Providing advice to organisations considering the establishment of ombudsman services
  • Publishing a newsletter three times each year, containing news about ombudsmen and complaint handling services in the UK, Ireland and overseas, together with topical articles of interest to members of the Association
  • Publishing principles, policies and guidance notes on relevant topics
  • Convening working groups to consider issues of concern to members of the Association (e.g. increasing public awareness of ombudsmen; liaison with the legal community to increase understanding of the role of ombudsmen)
  • Holding a two-day residential conference every two years for members of the Association and others, with plenary sessions and workshops on topical issues relevant to the work of ombudsmen, complaint handling bodies, and others with an interest in complaint handling
  • Organising an annual seminar of relevant topics to do with the general management of member schemes
  • Organising regular meetings of staff of ombudsman and complaint-handling schemes concerned with communications, personnel, training and development, and staff whose responsibilities are or include giving legal advice
  • Liaising with central governments through, for example in the UK, the Cabinet Office and with other bodies, such as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skill (BIS)
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